Setzen Lupton

Guided Blade


“I am nothing more than a sword. Without her hand to guide it, I am worthless—my strength is not of my own, but hers. Without her hand to guide it, I am but a tool. If I betray her, I have died.”

- Part of Setzen’s own code.



A man of young age, Setzen comes forth with a brave soul.

Raised in luxury in company with his twin Sabin Lupton under the eyes of his father Nate Lupton and maid Valleri Mcfeely.

Although a person whom is blessed by blood and blade, his magical aptitude only started developing when he was a young man. Causing him to pick up the trade of his father and become a guardsman.

Spending his time developing martial skills, upholding the law and even having a role in an anti-magic rebellion, Setzen came to find his life quite empty.

His emptiness soon got filled when he and his brother got invitations to join the Ruxine, institute of Magic.

Here he find himself spending time with his dearest family, including members such as: Vulcan Dewey, Jûle Hopkins, Ragnar Hopkins and ofcourse his brother: Sabin Lupton.

However this joyful time got cut short when the anti-magic rebellion delivered a blow to the school and causing his apparent death.

Person of Interest

Setzen Lupton

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