Broken World

Letters Home
Private letters (DM only)

Dear father,

It’s been a month since we have arrived at Ruxine.
Thanks to Jûle we’ve been settled in well since the very day we came here. We haven’t truly started our lessons yet, but we’ve been attending some classes beforehand either way.

I’m sharing a room with Vulcan, Jûle and Ragnar. They’re a great bunch, diverse too. So far as I know, everyone here has now managed to get a good grasp at how to control their magic. Except Ragnar. Ragnar’s .. Special.

Albeit you may not wish to discuss Sabin- he is performing well here. Just like back at home, he’s all over Torag. We’re not sharing rooms, and neither do we really see eachother alot anymore. But I did already get the chance to get used to that, ever since he left home.

But I know he’s there. You should too.

How are you and Valleri doing?

I figure with us two gone, you’re spending alot of time with the barracks. How’s morale? Have there been anymore anti-magic activities lately?
Be sure to show appreciation to Valleri, dad! She’s been with us for a very long time, and with your job and us gone, she could use the attention.

Yours sincerely

Your son Setzen

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